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Archive for April, 2013

Principal Reduction Programs – What Are Your Options?

Update – Homeowners who have Bank of America as their lender may get a big surprise in the mail soon… An offer to reduce their principal mortgage balance by as much as $150,000! In a recent settlement with the with state attorneys general and the U.S. Department of Justice,  Bank of America committed over $11 […]


Loan Modification Programs That Work – An Overview of Options For Homeowners

There are many different types of loan modification programs out there today. For the most part, you have a couple options depending on your lender. These are outlined below. Almost every lender has an in-house mortgage modification program. This is simply your lenders own program that is approved under their own guidelines. Every lender is […]


Behind On Your Mortgage Payments? Here Are Your Options

If You’re Behind On Mortgage Payments – A Loan Modification Plan Could Help You Save Your Home The economic climate in the U.S. is putting a financial strain on many households.  Many  homeowners due to a variety of reasons…including job loss and the inability to find new… jobs are finding themselves late on their mortgage. […]